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When it comes to web-design, the concept is key. We start off the creation of each webpage by creating a general structure for a webpage based on your vision. It is important for the website to display the company’s message to the world. Thus, during our first contact with a company, we enjoy discussing the client’s values and how they would wish for their values to be displayed to the rest of the world and their target audience.

We find it’s a discussion best had at a nice café, but if that’s not possible, we can always arrange a meeting via Skype.


In today’s rapidly changing, highly competitive business environment good design can really give a company the edge with their competition. 

We start every design process focusing on the concept, the client’s message and vision. We believe in modern, minimalistic design. We believe that a good website shouldn’t overwhelm it’s visitors with a massive load of information, but forward everything with ease and good visuals.  

Friendly, co-operative and talented team that considered our vision and wishes in every way.

Teele Jakobson


Preceding thorough development we create a general design that we present to the client. After that, we start working on them in detail on our servers by creating individual pages, mashing up design elements, proof-writing where necessary and compiling key information.

We offer the creation of e-commerce shops, blogs and multilingual websites. Like with everything else, during development, our aim is to keep true to your vision and message.


Upon finishing the website we present it to you and make any changes as seen fit. When you’re happy with the results, we transfer the website over to your server of choice. After that, we’ll go over any further changes if necessary. In addition, we’ll help out if you ever need us with making changes to the site should you need help later.

Website creation starts with You so make the first step and let’s go for a coffee. 

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